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architecture as a surprise
architecture as a joy from a place we live in
architecture as an enrichment of life
architecture as a boundless world of imagination
architecture as arts bounded just by financial limits
architecture as stories that can be narrated
architecture as places people like going back to
architecture that perfectly serves in the first place
architecture that looks great at the same time
architecture that identifies with its user
architecture that develops imagination and makes people smile
architecture as a creation of spaces
architecture as a game of light and shade in unlimited world of materials


we offer all meant above with help of the first consultations, projects of all phases, from a study to a realisation project, engineering, obtaining authorization of the project with authorities and author-supervision of the construction, we design particular design pieces as well as interiors, houses and urban complexes

architectular studio of Ing.arch.Jan Mackovič, authorized architect ČKA 3616
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in media

House in Senec got archiweb´s gentle attention :) (24/02/2011)

Little bit later found newspaper article about preparation of construction of "The Crystal" ...see in section "projects" of our website (01/11/2011)

Participation in a discussion on the Czech radio - topic was a good quality work environment .... (30/04/2012)


It was the very first competition we participated in and a silver medal, the first place was so close....but we are grateful for a 2.position from 83 participants (architectural competition for an addition to the Art School in Úpice - eastern Bohemia) (11/01/2012)


Video from presentation in HUB :) (11/11/2010)


photo atelier