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another beautiful pictures from investor of the reconstruction of barn in Ondřejov. Now the house is finished, it is inhabited and it is cosy :)
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in tetín (village close to beroun) the first important step towards the realisation of our intent was made - in front of the church of Saint Johannes Nepomucenus the first metres of the path was put. it is made from irregular structure of stone paving with grass in the joints. This was one of the key moments of our proposal for town centre revitalisation.
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eastern visit out-of-the-way barn in yamky ended up with a great smile - progress in the construciton is going the right way and we can easily imagine it will work excellent for its purpose (yoga, meetings, relaxing..)
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in the begining of this year we took part in a private competition to design a new village square in Všeradice (central bohemia). According to the jury we have succeeded. Now we are looking forward to the next steps leading towards the realisation of our proposal!
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either from a sweet dream or from a terrifying one - wake up to the new blossoming year 2019!
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photo from an expedition of our team, family of our team and friends of our team to brno => Villa Tugendhat
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reconstruction of an attic apartement in Prague 6- Hanspaulka is in process - in this picture we can see two yard dormers, we call them "the tall and the chubby"
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This Friday already (23.11.2018) there will be a re-birth of our irregular Friday morning meetings with coffee, croissants and architecture in Prague Impact Hub in Smíchov. Come to join us! This time we will speak about exhibition spaces. Venice, Milano...
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giant in the fog (photo by Michal Müller)
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villa in Troja - photographs from the spa
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we took part in the architectural competition for proposal of an addition to school in Prague - Troja and a new community house in Troja. According to a jury report we have been fighting for the podium to the last moment... unfortunatelly it was the unpopular 4th place.. maybe the next time :)
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after a long time the reconstruction of an attic apartement in Prague - Hanspaulka has started.. at the moment not many interesting moments are to be seen... maybe the construction site elevator and still life photos from the demolition works
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construction of a family house in Babice is on the way - in this case there was a task of a house placed in so called "satellite" housing development... should we be a part of these ordinary houses? or make a step out of the row? ... we will see our approach soon a few photos of the construction
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toilets of the Old town hall published in a journal Architect+ (10/2018)
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in the pictures from the investor we can see the barn in Ondřejov is about to be finished soon, final feeling is appearing
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realization of an administrative building Crystal in Prague has appeared on
luxurious interior of a villa in Prague - Troja is about to be finished soon, we offer you first pictures
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after some period we experienced again how the project documentation can end up... in comparison to štvanice competition this time the project of realised prague latrine hopefully will not be needed anymore
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we wish you an "adult" fully licenced new year!
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it spent a lot of sweat, blood and time, but the official opening of the public lavatories in Prague old town hall was just launched, it got a poetic name "prague latrine"
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villa troja - moments of full concentration
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commemorative brass cubes from the Town Hall project have different ways of utilization - one of them is a game of scrabble
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lifeless adore chair - alive adore lifeless (designblok prague 2017)
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photo from Old Town Town-hall - way to light?
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after a long time developing atypical glazing in old town town hall lavatories here we go with the final way - we suppose to finish the construction and open within a few days
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villa Troja - insides of a house with essential "smart" technologies
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in Ondřejov there is a big construction progress visible, already constructed part of a "barn" let us feel the idea of 3-division (3 design and functional parts)...romantic view will be from a kitchen
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details from Old Town Town-hall - brass soap dispenser + hopefully final look of glazing
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villa Troja - we work on tailored interior design --- this is picture "still life" from a construction process
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our locking door-handle for public toilets in Town Hall became a wrong development path in the end...
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21/03/2017 the ceremony part we can recognize first fine arts flashes
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toilets in Old Town Hall is a one big boiling pot! while in the public part the old constructions are melted under the power of demolition hammer...
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"pink" apartement in Říčany is getting closer to the final stage, drilling-machines stop rotation, shaking of concrete panels is becoming thinner, the carpenters are arriving!
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we wish you in 2017 your time is not fading out!
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one snapshot from our christmas event... we have placed darts!! :)
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we reconstruct an apartement in concrtete panel house...inside cut wall we have found print of a ?prehistoric? animal..
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unexpected magic of tower-like panel-building in říčany..
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construction of toilets to prague old town town hall had begun, meetings take place in "the most beautiful" office in the city, check both views..
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we declassify long time secret model of reconstructed villa in Mnichovice, the project is ready, we wait for the next step = realisation
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one snapshot from the test drill hole while preparing the realisation of lavatories in town hall...
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we develop an atypical glazing for lavatories in old town - Town hall, it is truly magical activity...
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successful attendance at 2-round competition for revitalizing historical core of Tetín (small city) - today we have presented our proposal in a public meeting. the first place was not awarded, we took the 2nd place (with one other studio..)
we wish you conquering just beautiful and reachable peaks in 2016!
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finishing of last details in restaurant teressa in čestlice - steel info plates for wc
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we place first almost final photos after 1 year of intensive work on the interior of an addition of restaurant in čestlice (east of Prague)
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also this year we took part in an educative festival for children from foster homes - out of home 2015 - ..we presented our profession also with help of a modular model of a small house made by wooden sticks, children finished its design according to their fantasy..
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we wish you good ideas and fast legs also in year 2015!
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christmas tree stand project + realisation :)
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we are working on a project of an attic apartement to prague 6 - hanspaulka - we present a verifying mock-up of the roof frame
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we manufacture a mock-up of an original plaster for restaurant astra in čestlice (prague - east) which we design in the meantime
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with a big delay but still - here is the project for štvanice island in much more detailed way (see www)
a deer finally got back to its perfect location above door opening in restaurant zájezd!
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how we made a workshop of a "fairy tale" architecture :)
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we have photographed a prototype of a wine-study, check the thumbnails!
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two pictures from restaurant zájezd opening called "happy cook" and "the last bite"
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today there is an opening of the restaurant zájezd (near from prague western way) after 1st phase of a reconstruction. Except of general architectural concept we have designed also these "star"author-designed lamps and other pieces
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village - in the middle of nowhere - just horses - zoo - fresh air and magnificent food *restaurant zájezd* general reconstruction......last improvements, last bottle of beer and voilá -> opening!
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just after the montage - tailor-made design of a stainless steel bookshelf with glass shevles shaped as a "sfinx" to an apartement in Prague 3
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we wanna thank a lot to artur muller for improving of our website (movement among pictures in projects with help of the arrow-keys)! check his website :)
let´s draw it through the right way in 2014!
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reconstruction of an apartement in Prague-krč inclusive of new "inhabited" pictures was issued on server
drawings for štvanice competition project are placed on our website - projects/urbanism ...soon we will come up with more detailed the link lower
attending 2nd round of štvanice competition - after endless 6 months from handovering the proposal were presented results of competition, so we can finally (not to break the rules of anonymity) announce that together with Radek Lampa we made it to the 2nd round of one of the biggest competition in prague in the last period (cca 80 competitors)
visit in a house with a banana brought a nice surprise - almost all rooms according to our design are finished, this is a two-level children playroom (originally very cheerless space)
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after working on projects of a larger scale we work on a design of furniture...this is a design for a study-wine first sight incompatible - but can be useful sometimes ;)
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simplicity and elegance of row houses can be seen btw. on a summer trip in holland in nieuw leyden, urban design by mvrdv, all houses together look like a "museum" of top quality contemporary architecture by different authors...
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second year we took part at the festival "out of home" for children from foster homes. we bring a few pictures from our site "architect". it was placed directly in Dancing house. This house was also supposed to be portrayed by means of "living" statue...
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apartment Petřiny - just a step to the final - harmony of sand-yellow and coral-red on white tile background in the picture
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a poetry of demolition hammer in a panel-house in Petřiny
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an article about apartment in újezd is on the czech web
in the same issue of the journal there is a great article about Jan Bočan, his exhibition, buildings, fine approach and also ingenious solutions that are mostly not visible at the first sight but after longer studying of his architecture, what a great author!!!
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red apartment drives in February issue of journal Dolce Vita as ferrari!
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we wish you the highest card for the new year 2013!
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An article about the House with banana was just released in the internet journal House and a garden (Dum a zahrada)!
ATTENTION! Tuxofon coming again to a city centre! Did you not catch to make an exercise with a penguin last year? You can do it in just a few days in náměstí republiky square in Prague (28.10. - 11.11.2012). Come to greet him! :) ..if he would not be there, it is highly possible he just flew away for a while...
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We have just finished an architectural study of a house with a greenhouse, we are preparing it for our website, as a starter we send a pilot sketch...
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We took part at a very interesting project of using warmth from wasted air from a metro station for needs of Buidling of Prague municipality with our graphical scheme of whole process.
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In the house with banana banana-coach changes in a curved bed in a while and changes back in banana, what a magic..
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We have developed a special type of never-ending wall paper for an entrance lobby of an administrative building...
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Hopefully the winds on the large polish plains will destabilize self-confident russian national team and our traditionally inconspicuous football team will enter the first game of Euro 2012 successfully! :)
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Apartement in Prague - Krč...all construction and carpenter´s work is heading to an end...2 recent photos of a bookcase called "funnel of knowledge"
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On Saturday May 26th we (together with a colege Simona Hubáčková) created a station "architect" for a festival for kids without home...3 groups of children came during the day, they were supposed (except of other games) to create the biggest and most beautiful tower from a recycled material :)
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Red apartement has been just issued in a journal about architecture and interiors "Bydlení stavby reality"...we made it to a front page...few views for your attention
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Recently we propose an attic space with a glorious view on one side and home theatre on the other side...we bring you first sketches..
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Czech radio 2 - praha -> how to make a better working environment? take a seat and feel free to listen to a discussion with our attendance.. (well, it is in Czech :)
In May we will be taking part on a festival of children´s Homes - we will present profession of an architect
A new version of website is almost ready. The looks looks the same, functionality is much better. For instance -> shortcut on a desktop of i-phone available, wow!
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We work on a new Co-working space in Smíchov (Prague). The men toilet had already got a nickname "the pink hell", steel net will be covered by a plants in a while...
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Speed of our work is hard to register by a human eye :)
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Hot news from a house in Pětihosty alias Cupboard...
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All competition works of Addition to Art School in Úpice to be seen on 15th of February 2012 in Prague Office of Czech Chamber of Architects (Josefská ul. 34/6), in this link there is also a good resulution PDF of winners...
In the new year we wish you a lot of strength to your arms, sun, quiet and reasons to smile -> at least once a day :)
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In Dobřichovice, there is still some work to be done, in the spring hopefully everything is ready..we add also a detail of a northern facade ...
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In Pětihosty, there is everything coming to an (happy) end, cleaning floors, brushing tiles, polishing door handles...
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Friend sent us a serie of pictures from his Nepal trip. He was insisting he found it there like that.. :)
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perfect final ceremony of the festival český tučňák 2011 online!
ATTENTION! Turn on your TVs on Sunday - October 30th at 17:35 (PRIMA COOL), we designed a stage for a highly expected final ceremony of a young art festival Český Tučňák 2011 for a New Scene of a National Theatre in Prague, the show is definitely worth of seeing! :)
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Riddle: It looks like an archaic sacrificial site, but it is just a brick-preparation for setting a bathtub in Pětihosty :)
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Reconstruction of an interior of a family house in Pětihosty.... Part III. - Bathroom in the 2.floor.... There will be a carpet made of stone mosaic going through all the room, including a cabinet underneath a mirror...
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On the way to a supervision of reconstruction in Hradištko before 8am -> confluence of rivers Sázava and Vltava
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On the way from a supervision of reconstruction in Hradištko before noon -> Vyšehrad Castle
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We did not take part just on a design of statue TUXOFON for a young art festival Český Tučňák 2011, but also on a stage for a final ceremony in the New Scene of a National Theatre in Prague. We proposed a sci-fi "funnel" made of industrial black foil with an exact white screen (2,5m x 8m) behind which is used as a great lighting as well as a film screen for jingles and short films. The enviroment of a stage is truly mysterious...
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Interior of family house in Pětihosty - the new view from a dining table during future dinners...
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Designblok 2011 is gone, the photo-memories stay: The full CAFATRON, sounds comming from a suspended light are recognizable from turned up heads of curious visitors
photo  1.jpg
We have been designing an exhibition stand for Designblok 2011 exhibition. It was for wiesner hager (austrian furniture company), esp. for their cafe chair "macao". We created a white space cafe "CAFATRON" full of white light and cafe sounds. Each chair has its own sound track hidden in a suspended ceiling....this exhibition stand will take place in superstudio in futurama office park until was taken just before the very finishing of a stand
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Although penguins cannot fly perfectly, this one did - it stands in Náměstí Republiky Square in Prague centre until 10.10.2011
photo  1.jpg
A huge penguin landed in Prague! It measures time and speaks...You have to see it! :)
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Last weeks we tuned in a metal sculpture...this is just a first teaser...soon other pics are coming
photo  1.jpg
Reconstruction of an interior of a family house in Pětihosty.... Part II. - Kitchen and living room.. A newly built see-through from kitchen to living room nicely visually connected both rooms, though it still stays divided enough...
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During summer holidays a colorful kindergarten appeared beneath our studio is also an original chronometer -> children´s joyful buzzing in a playground always announce 10am and 1pm..
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In english they call it a challenge....a complete reconstruction of an interior of a family house where there is not many right angles, the circulation doesn´t work perfectly and using of materials, colours and textures is breathtaking by its width and disparity. Reconstruction has begun. A goal? To create a cosy interior with help of natural materials and basic colours with small accents of warm colours. Today a part I. - Kitchen
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An apartment in Černošice was succesfully overhanded and shot...Satisfied client? We hope yes! :)
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For ceramic tiling in bathroom and toilet of an apartment in Černošice was used a concept of bent striped paper sheet. We used a large format of ceramic tiles (90x30cm). It was very demanding on a precision work of tilers. In the end, the very small spaces of bathroom and toilet were optically enlarged by using of a different direction of setting tiles in neighbouring walls.
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The first Anniversary of mackovič architecture s.r.o. celebrated with a style -> by a new stylish office in Drtinova 10, Praha 5, ready to be visited, just few furnishing works to be done :)
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Senec again in the course :)
First pictures from investors after they started up to settle in their new space - apartment Újezd...
photo  1.jpg photo  2.jpg
Concept of bathroom to apartement in Černošice. We insert two matte colored boxes into a glossy space...
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How is it to work in The HUB? Hospodářské noviny newspaper was asking...
With a new year one seductive picture of the top ceiling in Kyje house...
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We wish You a lot of material - and first of all - non-material joy in year 2011!!!
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Reconstruction of Raiffeisenbank branch in Písek overhanded...
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Dobřichovice "cottage" in all its beauty...4 days was enough
photo  1.jpg
The house in Dobřichovice is growing up!!!
photo  1.jpg
"Devil" council of elders on construcion site Raiffeisenbank Anděl...
photo  1.jpg
Presentation in the multi-medial space HUB
First sketch of a boating camp in Větřní
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Endurance test of a new website fired!!!
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