Interior of an apartment in Hradec Králové

  • interiérová studie: 2018
  • investor: private
  • author: Jan Mackovič
  • collaboration: Jan Burček, Ivona Náterová
  • images: author's archive
  • realization: 2020

The design is based on the requirements for the existing floor and works of art, starting with the design of individual built-in interior elements to the material pallet used. The interior of the day part is dominated by an exclusive glass showcase with a central exhibition space made of brown sheet metal (intended for the mentioned sculpture) with very precisely executed details. Next to it, a spacious seating area delimited by brown sheet metal cladding on the walls and ceiling. In contrast to this calmer, relaxing atmosphere, there is a kitchen unit with white lacquered cabinet surfaces and rough work surfaces in a gray cement trowel. The modern dining set and designer lighting add freshness to the entire space. Lounge seating on the terrace with a pergola follows the solution of sitting in the living room and connects the interior of the apartment with its exterior. The hallway and vestibule are dominated by a built-in hanging wall and cladding made of dark walnut wood, again complemented by a gray trowel. The master bedroom is conceived in the same spirit as the rest of the interior. The sleeping area is made more pleasant and cozy by brown textile wallpaper on the walls and ceiling around the bed. The smooth, white lacquered wardrobe only underlines this distinctive element. Only rooms for adolescents differ from the main design concept of this interior. These are designed more specifically for their needs. The basic material is light wood, complemented by fine textile wallpaper with a motif of leaves and a black panel for painting, in a room for a daughter. The son's room is even simpler in terms of material, the sleeping part defined by smooth plywood is complemented by white shelves suspended from the ceiling, a white work table and a seating window. A gray cement trowel is used on all ceilings of the apartment as a unifying element. An important moment is the quality luminaires, which fine-tune the entire interior.