mackovič architecture - konopiště





The proposal of this villa was created as a part of the collection of different authors for the residential project Konopiště Resort. The main idea was to showcase different places and universes which offer different atmosphere and experience inside the house. The elliptical shape of the villa is divided by three curves into the zones with different functions and moods. The biggest middle part of the house serves as a living area open into the terrace and into the garden. The base of this living part is a work room and a winter garden which serves at the same time as a connection into the private bedroom area. Each bedroom is accompanied by the outdoor illuminated atrium incorporated into the external curve of the house. The last zone is a service area with the storage place, kitchen and garage. The villa has a simple shape and is blending in with the garden by a slightly reflecting metal coat. The contrast is created by the southern cut with the terrace which is coated by the wood that induces the relaxed or even sea-side atmosphere. One can hear sloshing water in the swimming pool and a spring of water is sprinkling from the wall as an unconventional fountain.

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